1) I want to have my art object conserved, now what?

We see clients by appointment only. Please call or email to make an appointment. The charge for an initial consultation is $50.00 for new clients. This charge does not apply to the conservation.

2) How much will conservation cost?

It is necessary to examine your art object in person so we can determine the appropriate treatment. Cost estimates are based upon the estimated time. The cost estimate will be discussed at the time of your appointment.

3) Do I have to bring the object to your lab or will you make a house call?

If you bring the object to our lab the consultation fee will be $50.00. The charge is $300.00 per hour including travel time for a house call.

4) Do you conserve all media?

We limit our practice to the conservation of paintings, polychrome objects and gilded and wood frames.

5) Do you sell frames?

Yes we carry a selection of hand crafted, closed corner frames and would be happy to help you select a frame to enhance your painting.

6) Is my art worth restoring?

It is a conflict of interest for us to discuss value, we do not appraise art. We would be happy to recommend an independent art appraiser.

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